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Benefits of Regular Pet Grooming




Benefits of Regular Pet Grooming

Pet grooming not only provides aesthetic benefits, but also has many associated health benefits. Ensuring that your pet gets the best possible treatment by a professional really makes the difference in both how they look, and their overall wellbeing.

What are the benefits of regular grooming visits?

Regular pet grooming visits not only keep your pet’s coat looking great, but they also help maintain your pet’s overall wellbeing. It’s also an opportunity to spot any skin concerns that you might have missed at home. In this blog we cover all of the reasons why you should have your pet groomed on a regular basis.

A healthier, shinier coat

Our groomers will make sure that your pet leaves our salon looking their absolute best. Regardless of your pet’s coat type, getting it professionally cleaned and brushed helps to maintain its condition and quality. Regular brushing at home, with the right tools, can help maintain the condition of your pet’s coat between visits. Check out our recent blog posts on how to look after different coat types.

Overall wellbeing

Not only will your pet look and smell great, grooming also reduces any discomfort and helps with their overall wellbeing by brushing away dirt, grime, dead skin, and matting which can lead to pain, overheating, and could hide other skin issues.

Checking for parasites

During the grooming process, our groomers check for parasites such as fleas and ticks. Check out this blog from our veterinary partners which explains what you should look out for in between grooming appointments.

Early detection of conditions

Some pet health concerns are pretty obvious, and you’ll know immediately that your pet needs to see the vet, however, there are various skin diseases and allergies that are less obvious to the untrained eye. Our groomers know which warning signs to look out for, meaning that any problems may be detected early with regular visits to the salon.

Nail trimming for healthy feet

Nail trimming is one of the things that we regularly show clients how to do at home, but it can be difficult to do. Regular grooming of the nails by our groomers helps your pet to maintain normal foot anatomy and prevent broken or torn nails which can be painful.

Matt removal

As well as maintaining the quality and condition of your pet’s coat, regular cleaning and brushing will help to prevent matting. Existing matting can be removed during regular grooming appointments. We usually recommend leaving matt removal to professional groomers as an improper technique can be painful for your dog. However, regular brushing, using an appropriate brush, between appointments can help keep matts at bay.

How often should grooming be done?

How often your pet should be groomed depends entirely on their breed and coat type, however a good rule of thumb is to groom every 4 to 6 weeks. Your groomer will be able to identify how often your pet should be groomed, and what services are needed.

Benefits of professional grooming services

We’ve touched on grooming practises that you can do at home, and some that you should probably leave to the professionals, but there are strong benefits to using professional grooming services instead of doing it alone:

Professional groomers have the right tools

One of the most important things when it comes to grooming is having the right tools for your pet. We’ll ensure that your pet gets special individualised treatments for their breed and coat type.

Professional groomers know what they’re doing

There are a few grooming practices that we recommend you don’t try at home, simply due to the fact that not knowing what you’re doing could harm your pets. Our grooming colleagues are trained and have years of experience, so they won’t accidentally hurt your pet.

The key grooming practises we don’t recommend you trying at home include, hair trimming (particularly around the eyes, bum, private areas, and the underpads), and matt removal.

Professional groomers know how to handle pets

We have lots of experience treating a variety of pets, including those that are scared or sensitive to grooming. This means that we can create tailored environments that encourage positive grooming experiences, increasing their sociability.

What can I do at home between grooming appointments?

Every breed has different grooming needs, and will require different tools and practises to effectively groom at home. Generally speaking, however, the following grooming practises can be done at home between grooming sessions as appropriate:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Checking for unusual lumps and bumps
  • Parasite prevention
  • Brushing their teeth
  • Checking that their claws aren’t overgrown


Check out our blog for tips on how to groom your dogs at home, as well as specialist information for wool coats, smooth coats, combination coats, double coats, long coats, and wiry coats.

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