Complimentary Consultation


Complimentary Consultation

Get to know your dog grooming experts

Here at The Pet Retreat, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service available to both you and your pet and we begin this on your very first visit with our complimentary consultation. The consultation allows us to understand your animal’s personality, get to grips with their grooming history and allows us to form a relationship of trust with the owner.
We know that no two pets are the same and animals react differently to their surroundings and to the stress that grooming can place on them, especially if they haven’t been groomed before. This first visit allows us to put them at ease.

Check your animal’s health

Your first consultation with The Pet Retreat also allows us to give their skin and coat a thorough check and can often be a fortunate chance for us to notice any ailments which may impact on any groom. Upon giving your animal a check we’ll also be able to give guidance on whether nails need clipping or ears need cleaning.

Dog grooming advice

It’s hard to know what to expect in terms of styling options from your first trip to the pet groomers. Certain dogs such as poodles and corgis have styles which are generic to their breeds, however, some breeds might not be so clear cut. Other factors such as matted fur or patchy skin might also affect the way in which we style a pet’s fur. This consultation allows our qualified experts to talk you through your animal’s options to ensure they receive the right grooming for their needs.

To book your free consultation or to simply discuss your furry friend’s grooming options with us in greater detail contact The Pet Retreat – Knutsford on 01565 337 111, The Pet Retreat – Bowdon on 0161 883 1188 or The Pet Retreat Holmes Chapel on 01477 750507. We also encourage our clients to pop in and say hello and take a look around too.