COVID-19 Customer Information

Updated: 26 March 2021


The Pet Retreat is happy to announce that we will be reopening in full across all sites on Monday 29th March. DEFRA have confirmed that pet groomers may open from 29/03/21 for all appointments (including non-essential grooming appointments), providing that COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

We are pleased to welcome back clients for non-essential services, but please be patient with us as we expect to be incredibly busy over the coming weeks, and COVID-19 safety procedures may limit the number of clients seen per day.

If you would like to book an appointment, please use our online booking form where possible.

Our opening hours across all sites are included below. Please note we will be closed over Easter.


Monday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

Holmes Chapel

Tuesday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5.30pm


Tuesday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

If you have any questions, our friendly team is still here to help via phone or email. Don’t forget, we also have lots of support materials on our blog including helpful how-to videos on maintaining different coat types at home.

The Pet Retreat Team

Grooming During COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the way we work and groom dogs has drastically changed. We will be adhering to strict guidelines to reduce the spread of the disease and to keep our staff and clients safe. We’ve outline some important information below, we hope this answers any questions you may have about our reopening and how we’re looking after your pets during the crisis. We’ll also be taking a deposit upon booking, this is to protect our business against last minute cancellations during this busy period.

Anyone self-isolating or showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend a grooming appointment and you should rearrange your appointment. 

We are kindly requesting that anyone classed as clinically EXTREMELY vulnerable should stay away from the salon and arrange for a friend or relative to bring your pet. We cannot guarantee your safety. 


We will be contacting anyone who has has an appointment cancelled as a result of COVID-19 and prioritising these pets. However, we welcome new bookings. If you wish to make a new appointment we request that you complete our booking form by following the button below. We’re prioritising dogs based on coat condition and coat type using a graded system. We’ll also be taking a deposit upon booking to protect ourselves from last minute cancellations. Find out more in the FAQs below.

PLEASE NOTE: Our groomers are exceptionally busy at this time. We kindly request that you DO NOT CALL the salons. Please complete the booking form and we will get back to you with availability.

About Your Appointment

Visiting the salon will be a very different experience to what you were used to prior to COVID-19. To help ensure that we can continue to groom your pets to the highest standards of quality and safety, please follow our advice below.

Dropping off your pet

Please ensure you arrive on time – it is crucial for our day to run smoothly and safely. If you arrive over 15 minutes late we may have to cancel your booking and an upfront payment will be required for future bookings.


When arriving at the salon, please use hand sanitizer provided and press our buzzer to alert our groomers you have arrived. If it is safe for you to enter, one of our groomers will unlock our door and return to behind our desk at a safe distance of over 2m.


Once you’ve entered, close the door behind you and remove your dog’s harness, collar and lead to take home with you. Replace it with our PINK bio-thane slip lead we will provide and leave at our dog-parking waiting area.


We will then ask you to step back 2m whilst we collect your dog from the dog park and perform a coat check and consultation. We’ll discuss coat health with you at a safe distance before complete the necessary admin and paperwork.


We will give you a collection time and it is very important you return on time, we need time to deep clean and disinfect between clients. We also don’t want any customers to cross paths.


Picking Up

Please ensure you arrive on time – it is crucial for our day to run smoothly and safely. Anybody who is late collecting their dogs will incur in a £10 fee per 15 minutes.


When returning to the salon, please use the hand sanitizer provided and repeat the same process of ringing our buzzer and waiting for us to let you know it is safe to enter.


Your pet will be waiting for you in the waiting area in our PINK slip lead. Please close the door securely behind you and swap this for your own collar and lead, and place ours back on the dog hook ready for us to clean on your exit.


We will only be able to accept debit/credit card and payment will be required prior to you leaving the salon. We will disinfect our card machine between each customer and remain 2m apart from you at all times.

COVID-19 Customer Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way in which we groom has had to adapt drastically. As our salons reopen, it’s important that we act within both industry and government guidelines, practice social distancing and take all possible precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. 

We’re taking these steps for the safety of our clients and our groomers and to ensure we can continue to groom your pets throughout the pandemic.

To help reassure owners, we’ve created a strict protocol that our groomers will be following within the salon. We’ve outlined this in the form of the FAQs below. We ask that you read these if you have any questions or concerns prior to contacting the salon.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

We’re taking a deposit over the phone at the time of booking. This is to protect our business from last minute cancellations that are harmful to our business at this present time due to limited availability and current exceptional demand. The deposit taken will be dependent on the service and will still be bound by our terms and conditions. The cost of the deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your groom.

Please follow government guidance on self isolating

This should be clear by now, but it’s important that we emphasise it. Anyone self-isolating or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 must not under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment.

It goes without saying that this is an obvious threat to the wellbeing of our staff and customers’ health. We must all act responsibly to stop the spread of the virus.

In addition to this, it’s important that we protect our business and ensure we can remain open. With the new track and trace system now in operation we may have to close the salon for up to 14 days just by coming into contact with someone with COVID-19.

We would also kindly request that anyone within the clinically EXTREMELY vulnerable category please stay away from the salon and make arrangements for your pet to be dropped off by a friend or family member. We cannot guarantee your safety.

Our groomers will be wearing PPE where possible

We understand that it may feel strange to our clients to see your groomers in personal protective equipment (PPE), but we feel it’s necessary to protect their wellbeing. Where possible, they will be wearing: –

Face masks
Face shield and/or goggles

Our groomers may come in contact with up to 20 customers and their pets throughout the day, so it’s important that they protect themselves and everyone of those customers that enters our doors.

PPE will be worn at all times when in contact with a dog that hasn’t been bathed. There isn’t any evidence yet that proves the virus lives on pets fur, but we must approach with caution and reduce the risk.

We understand that this is not something your pets may be used to yet, so we recommend that you help them adapt by wearing your own face coverings at home. This will help them get used to seeing people in a mask and make their first trip back to the groomers less stressful.

This infographic below provides some useful guidance on how to help them.

Social distancing within the salon

We kindly request that customers work with us to ensure we create a safe environment for our staff and other customers. We will be practicing strict social distancing within the salon and kindly request that you do so to.

We request that you try to keep two metres away from our team and refrain from spending more time in the salon than necessary. If someone else is already in the salon when you arrive, please wait outside for them to leave. There will be hand sanitizer on arrival and you will hand over your dog by using the “dog park” in our salon reception area.

Social distancing applies to all parts of a business, not just the place where people spend most of their time, but also entrances and exits, break rooms, canteens and similar settings. We will be following these guidelines as much as possible and expect customers to do the same.

Other steps taken to ensure safety of staff and clients

Within the salon, you’ll be pleased to know that our team are also taking steps to further lower the chances of transmission between staff members. Steps taken include: – 

  • Using face masks where needed
  • Staff to remain 2 metres apart with no direct contact wherever possible
  • Further increasing the frequency of hand washing and customer contact surface cleaning (as a grooming salon we already uphold high standards of cleanliness)
  • Side to side and back to back working as opposed to face to face
  • Ensuring any contact required which cannot be done at 2 metres is kept to absolute minimum
  • Reducing the number of people each person has contact with

We will also be extending our times between clients to 30 minutes. This will allow us to correctly clean and disinfect the salon between dogs.

How are you booking appointments?

We will be contacting customers to arrange re-booking the dogs that we had to cancel due to lockdown. We will re-book dogs in order that they were cancelled, as this is the most fair method.

We will also be prioritising by coat type, as they have become a welfare issue by being overdue by over 8+ weeks. This includes wool/curly and long-haired breeds.

This means that short-haired dogs (E.G Bull dogs, Labradors) and Double coats (German Shepherds, Chow chow) may be asked to wait a little longer. 

Wiry breeds must be bathed prior to hand stripping. We will be unable to groom hand stripped breeds that don’t get bathed until further research develops that proves it is safe to take on this sort of groom due to the exposure of a dirty coat for a long period of time. We will also not be able to groom cats or small animals for the foreseeable future. 

If you did not have a previous appointment or you are yet to be contacted, you can use our booking form above. Our groomer will contact you with their next available appointment once they receive your booking. 

We kindly ask that you do not call the salon at this time as we are extremely busy grooming.

If dogs have been groomed elsewhere already you can book them in for their next groom 6 weeks following their last groom. This is to ensure they have an appointment slot in the future.

For the time being whilst we adjust to new procedures, the amount of dogs we have in will be limited. This will be reviewed frequently as more studies and research develops over the coming days, weeks and months. Appointment times will be staggered, allowing us time to clean between clients and also to avoid cross contamination between dogs.

How are you prioritising dogs?

We can identify dogs by using a traffic light category system as below.

RED – Matted, Can’t see the skin and a comb won’t go through the coat, very knotty, uncomfortable or a welfare concern.

AMBER – A little knotty, can wait a little longer or have had a home groom.

GREEN – Keeping on top of the coat well and can wait a few more weeks.

We will have an understanding of your dog’s needs from previous visits to the salon, but we will also ask which category you believe your pet falls into when we contact you. We’ll ask you for information on this when completing the booking form. If you believe they’re in the red category we kindly request that you attach a photo to the form. This will help us prioritise the dogs that need to be seen first.

Are you taking on new clients?

We may not be able to take on new clients for the time being whilst we catch up with our regular clientele and get to grips with our new procedures. We do however understand that some dogs may be desperate and some groomers may still be closed. We will do what we can to help.

Will you be accepting walk-in appointments?

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting walk in treatments, such as nail trimming or face trims, at this time. This is to reduce the footfall we have in the salon and possible unnecessary exposure. Customers may still come in for these treatments however this must be made by appointment only.

We are only booking appointments of this nature at the end of the day. Due to the dog not being washed, the groomer must wear all appropriate PPE, including a face mask and face shield.