Drop off, Pick up and Payment

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the way we work and groom dogs has drastically changed. We will be adhering to strict guidelines to reduce the spread of the disease and to keep our staff and clients safe.

Anyone self-isolating, classed as clinically EXTREMELY vulnerable or showing any symptoms, Must Not under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment.

Dropping off

Please ensure you arrive on time – it is crucial for our day to run smoothly and safely. If you arrive over 15 minutes late we may have to cancel your booking and an upfront payment will be required for future bookings.

  1. When arriving at the salon, please use hand sanitizer provided on our station outside of the salon doors. Press our buzzer to alert our groomers you have arrived. If it is safe for you to enter, one of our groomers will unlock our door and return to behind our desk at a safe distance of over 2m.
  2. You may then enter the salon. Please close the door securely behind you and remove your dog’s harness, collar and lead to take home with you, and replace it with our PINK bio-thane slip lead we will provide and leave at our dog-parking waiting area. Please ensure your dog is secure before walking away.
  3. We will then ask you to step back 2m whilst we collect your dog from the dog park and perform a coat check and consultation.
  4. We will then discuss your dog’s groom and complete the necessary admin and paperwork.
  5. We will give you a collection time and it is very important you return on time, we need time to deep clean and disinfect between clients. We also don’t want any customers to cross paths. We cannot run late between client’s as this will increase the risk to both staff and customers.

We will do our best to groom in your usual style, however some dogs will be very overdue and if the coat is matted or knotted we will have to go shorter than usual. Don’t worry it will grow back!

Picking up

Please ensure you arrive on time – it is crucial for our day to run smoothly and safely. Anybody who is late collecting their dogs will incur in a £10 fee per 15 minutes.

  1. When returning to the salon, please use the hand sanitizer provided and repeat the same process of ringing our buzzer and waiting for us to let you know it is safe to enter.
  2. Your pet will be waiting for you in the waiting area in our PINK slip lead. Please close the door securely behind you and swap this for your own collar and lead, and place ours back on the dog hook ready for us to clean on your exit.


We will only be able to accept debit/credit card and payment will be required prior to you leaving the salon. We will disinfect our card machine between each customer and remain 2m apart from you at all times.