4 Weeks – Bowdon

From: £24.00 / month and a £20.00 sign-up fee


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This is The Grooming Club plan for Bowdon. To purchase simply choose the options that most closely match your dog.


Choose the breed that your dog is. The top 100 most popular breeds are on there so choose the one closest to your pet. If you don’t see a similar breed contact us today for a quote.


Choose the most appropriate size for your dog. Please note that most breeds will no options for size. If this is the case choose “One Size”.


Choose the most relevant coat type for your pet. If there is no coat type options for your breed, choose “Not Applicable”

Once you have chosen the options, press Sign Up Now to complete your subscription. Our groomers will contact you the next working day to confirm your appointment.

For more information on The Cutting Club, including how it works or how to sign up visit our dedicated landing page today.