Bowdon grooming packages

Bowdon grooming

Here at The Pet Retreat we believe that every dog, cat or rabbit’s grooming requires an individual approach. Our process factors in your pet’s coat type and personality as well as your own personal tastes to deliver a style that you’re happy with. We can deliver breed standard cuts ready for your next dog show or a convenient trim that will keep your dog looking clean in the mud.

Grooming Packages

Find out what’s included in each of our carefully constructed grooming packages. These can be tailored depending on your dog’s requirements and current coat condition.

The Knutsford Cut

Our Knutsford Cut is a full grooming session. Your pet will be bathed in a Wildwash natural shampoo tailored to their coat type, they’ll then be fluff dried and brushed out. They will then be styled to breed standard or whatever you feel like. We also include nail trimming and ear cleaning, before being finished with a beautiful hand-selected fragrance.


With all those lovely walks round Bowdon, the lazy afternoons in the park or rolling in the mud by the Bollin, the Bowdon Bath is the perfect cure for those mucky pups. Your dog will receive a bath in Wildwash natural shampoo tailored to their coat type, followed by a fluff dry and gentle brush out. The Bowdon Bath includes a hygiene clip, feet and nail trim and ear cleaning. You will be delighted with fantastic they look and beautiful they smell.


Wire-haired breeds will often require a technique know as hand stripping to remove the dead, outer coat. This will allow a new harsh wire coat to grow back. Hand stripping maintains the colour and texture of the coat compared to clipping which dulls the colour and softens the hair. The hair is removed by hand or using a stripping knife. Before each hand strip, we bathe your pup in shampoo tailored to the coat type and then fluff dry. We finish with a nail trim, ear cleaning and full body styling.


At the Pet Retreat we believe your pooch should be pampered from nose to tail. The Dunham Massey Makeover is a Knutsford Cut above the rest and includes two spa treatments of your choice. The dog will then be styled to a breed standard or personality cut by our professional stylist. All Dunham Massey makeovers include a nail trim and ear clean, before being finished with a beautifully selected fragrance.


Any dog trainer will tell you that the earlier a puppy is exposed to a new experience in a positive manner, the better they respond. Our Timperley Tiddler package is designed to do just that for pups under 4 months old. We start with a mild puppy shampoo, followed by a gentle brush off and then a fluff dry. We also include a hygiene clip and a trim of the feet, face and nails. The experience is fun and relaxed, giving your pup plenty of love and 100% attention. The session is finished with a spritz of delicate cologne and a cuddle.


Our À La Carte Menu is made up of a range of luxurious grooming treatments. You can add these to our grooming packages or pay a visit just for these.


The ultimate luxurious spa treatment. Choose from lavender, joba joba or coconut essential oil shampoos to cleanse & condition the coat & skin. Pets will relax during their 10 minute body massage leaving them feeling fresh & smelling fantastic.


Our Dead Sea Mud Bath restores the coat's natural beauty whilst a 10-minute full body massage leaves your pup completely de-stressed. The essential oils & minerals help prevent broken hairs & eliminate impurities & toxins, giving an overall deep cleansing experience.


A facial cleanser made using natural ingredients that soothe & balance the skin, with a refreshing blend of oatmeal and blueberries. Removes dirt & helps reduce tear staining. It is gentle enough to be used around the eyes & leaves your pup's face feeling truly cleansed.


A specially formulated shampoo to help to loosen hair and undercoat whilst it cleans and conditions. With frequent use this treatment can help reduce shedding.


Using 100% natural ingredients (safe enough to lick!) sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka help to reduce inflammation, heal and moisturise your pup's pads.


White ginger, botantical moisturisers & warm vanilla help repair dry, damaged hair whilst emollients strengthen the coat and leave the hair revitalised.


This treatment uses veterinary approved products designed to help lift out dirt and wax from the ear. They are safe enough for sensitive skin and great for dogs that have very mucky ears or are prone to infections. A great add on for regular grooming.


A specially formulated natural anti-flea and tick shampoo, powerful insect repellent that contains no aggressive chemicals and is gentle enough to be used on puppies over 12 weeks. Can be used regularly alongside flea prevention treatment.


A 3 step teeth cleaning and breath treatment. Toothpaste and a naturally blended gel are gently applied to the teeth to kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque & gingivitis, followed by a spritz of fresh breath spray.

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