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The newest Pet Retreat salon is located in the Woodford area of Stockport in the Notcutts Garden Centre. The salon is sure to bring a cheer to pets across North Cheshire with our range of bespoke grooming packages that can be tailored to your dog’s tastes. Our chain of salons is owned by a local veterinary surgeon and part of the Knutsford Veterinary Surgery group so you can be assured of a high level of care throughout your visit. In addition all of our staff are trained to City & Guilds Level 3 for pet grooming.

Puppy and Pet Pampering in Stockport

At The Pet Retreat, we like to do things properly and we don’t cut any corners when it comes to making both pet and owner happy. Our grooming salon has been specially designed with your pet in mind, using the most modern grooming equipment to ensure your pet feels as comfortable as they do clean.

We’ve also put as much thought into the products that we use on your dog’s coat. We’re proud stockists of Wildwash Natural Shampoos and we use them on all of the animals that come through our door. Even pets with the most sensitive of skin will be taken care of.

The Gold Standard in bespoke dog grooming in Stockport

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Here at The Pet Retreat we swear by an individual approach to grooming. We factor in the important features of your pet’s coat type, breed and personality before listening to your thoughts on their ideal look. The results are a stunning groom that will suit your dog’s lifestyle down to the ground.

If you’d like to know more about our approach then why not contact the salon or pop by to see for yourself. Jade and Emily will be on hand to show you round and they’ll be able to get a feel for your dog, cat or rabbit straight away. Click on our grooming packages below to find out more or contact us today on 0161 8833880.

Mottram Makeover


The Ultimate grooming experience

Handforth Handstrip


Shaggy to sleek in no time

Poynton Puppy Pamper


Luxury grooming for little pups

Bramall Bath


Perfect for mucky pups

The Knutsford Cut

From £42/

Give your dog a trim...

Mottram Makeover

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The Mottram Makeover is the most luxurious groom that a pup can experience anywhere across Cheshire. They'll receive a Knutsford Cut that will let your dog wow. Our expert team will give them a breed standard trim or a look to suit their personality and lifestyle. They'll also receive a nail trim, ear clean and leave with a fragrance of their choice.

Handforth Hand Strip

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The Handforth Hand Strip will remove the dead outer coat, allowing beautiful fresh glossy hair to grow back. This is essential maintenance for any dog with a wiry coat and helps maintain the colour and texture of the coat as opposed to clipping which can soften the hair and dull the colour.

Our expert groomers will remove the hair using a stripping knife or by hand depending on the breed and the state of the coat. The groom includes a bath in shampoo tailored to the coat type, fluff dry, a nail trim, ear cleaning and full body styling.

Poynton Puppy Pamper

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The earlier a puppy is exposed to a new experience, the more they will embrace it for the rest of their lives. Dog grooming is no different and your team at The Pet Retreat are ready to welcome your little pup for their first groom.

We use a mild shampoo and a gentle brush which will clean them without harming their sensitive skin and coat. Once we've done this we'll give them a hygiene clip to remove hair from any troublesome areas. Throughout their groom our experienced handlers will give them 100% pampering and ensure they truly love their experience and look forward to the next time.

Bramall Bath

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The Woodford area is not short of scenic walks to take with your pooch. But all of that excitement splashing around in puddles and mud comes at a cost to their lovely coat. Luckily, when it comes to removing stubborn dirt, the Bramall Bath is just the ticket.

Your dog will receive a bath in Wildwash natural shampoo tailored to their coat type, followed by a fluff dry and gentle brush out. The Bramall Bath includes a hygiene clip, feet and nail trim and ear cleaning. You will be delighted with how fantastic they look and beautiful they smell.

The Knutsford Cut


Keep your dog looking their best with a visit to the Pet Retreat Grooming Salon.

Our Knutsford Cut is a full grooming session; bathing in a Wildwash natural shampoo tailored to their coat type, fluff dry and brush out. Your pup will then be styled to a Breed Standard or Personality Cut to meet the requirements of your lifestyle. We also include nail trimming, ear cleaning and finish with a beautiful hand-selected fragrance.

À La Carte MENU

Aromatherapy Bath & Massage

Let your dog relax and feel refreshed with our Aromatherapy Bath & Massage. You can choose from Lavender, Joba Joba or Coconut shampoos that offer the gold standard when it comes to cleansing and conditioning their coat and skin.

Mineral Mud Bath & Massage

Enriched with essential oils and natural minerals, our Dead Sea Mud Bath restores the coat to its natural beauty. This treatment will prevent broken hairs and eliminate harmful impurities and toxins, whilst the soothing massage will help give your dog an overall deep cleansing experience that will get them feeling fresh and breezy.

Fryer's Facial

If you thought facials were just for humans, think again! This cleanser is made from a refreshing blend of oatmeal and blueberries, helping remove dirt and reduce tear staining. The treatment is gentle enough to use around your dog's eyes, ensuring their face looks and feels truly cleansed.

De-shed Treatment

This is specially formulated shampoo to help to loosen your pets hair and undercoat whilst it cleans and conditions. Overtime this will help reduce undesirable shedding and keep your pets fur healthy for longer.

Pet Retreat Pawdicure

This is a treatment that leaves the owners' wanting a go. It uses 100% natural ingredients that are safe enough to lick, including sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka to help reduce inflammation, heal and moisturise your pup's pads.

Coat Conditioning Treatment

White ginger, botantical moisturisers & warm vanilla help repair dry, damaged hair whilst emollients strengthen the coat and leave the hair revitalised. This will leave any dog's coat looking fresh and full bodied.

Deep Ear Cleanse

This treatment is great for dog's that are prone to ear infections or just regularly have mucky ears. It uses veterinary approved products designed to help lift out dirt and wax from the ear. They are safe enough for dogs with even the most sensitive skin, offering a great add on for regular grooming.

Flea Bath

A specially formulated natural anti-flea and tick shampoo. This powerful insect repellent contains no aggressive chemicals and is gentle enough to be used on puppies over 12 weeks. It's great for pet's that suffer rom fleas during the warmer months and those that regularly walk in long grass and woodlands.

Teeth Cleaning & Fresh Breath

This three step process is sure to get your pet's teeth in ship shape and their breath smelling great. First we apply the toothpaste and a naturally blended to gel to the teeth to kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Once they've got that hollywood smile, a spritz of fresh breath spray finishes the job.


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