Dog Grooming: Winter coat care and maintenance

Dog Grooming: Winter coat care and maintenance

A lot of dog owners are under the impression that a haircut for their pooch during the winter months is not a necessity. Well, in fact, it is more important than ever! At The Pet Retreat, we are dedicated to helping owners keep on top of dog grooming all year round, however, the winter months prove to be the most important time for upkeep of the coat.

While it can get very cold and it would make sense to keep your dog with a longer coat than it would have in the summer, it is also equally important to visit a groomer during the winter months for regular baths and brushes. We may not necessarily trim the coat if you do not wish us to, but regular bathing and brushing keep the coat knot free and we can keep a check on the health of your dogs’ skin condition. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and can bring on unwanted conditions such as infections of the skin.

If you wash your dog at home, it is important not to rub your dog dry with a towel as this creates matted hair. Instead, pat down gently with a towel and if your dog’s coat is knot free, the air will circulate through the coat as it should, ensuring that your dog becomes suitably dry and the skin will remain healthy. If the coat is matted, the air is not able to circulate as it should, leaving the skin damp can lead to some uncomfortable issues.

In addition to that, there are many other factors which could potentially be harmful in the winter environment for your dog, here are some issues to look out for that The Pet Retreat can help with:

Potential winter coat issue

1.    Hair around the nose and pads

The harsh winter weather can take its toll on these vital areas. As going on regular walks exposes your dog to cold winds and frozen temperatures. It is important to check your dog’s feet after a walk to get rid of any build up of dirt or hair in between your dog’s pads which could result in painful and sore feet. At The Pet Retreat, we have a pawdicure spa package which moisturises your dog’s pads and also nose to ensure that these vital places do not become cracked or sore.

2.      Matted hair

Matted hair keeps in moisture, which can, therefore, hold bacterial growth which can bring on infection. Bringing your dog for regular grooming can take some of the strain off you, as we understand that your dog’s coat could potentially get out of hand whilst battling the weather, we are here to help and guide you on the best possible care for your pet.

If you are bathing and grooming your dog at home, it is important that you try to brush out your dog after bathing, and also using a moisturising shampoo can benefit your dog’s coat and skin.

Mats and tangles also prevent the distribution of the oils that naturally occur in the skin that help to condition and stimulate the skin and coat. This means an increase in dry skin, dull coat, and worse: infected hot spots.

3.      Skin irritation & infections

Hair that becomes matted doesn’t necessarily provide warmth and comfort for your dog, it could actually lead to becoming painful if mats are pulling on your dog’s skin.

During the winter it would be very difficult for your dog to dry completely, leaving your dog damp which could then potentially cause painful skin infections.

Regular dog grooming also highlights any of these issues that could develop as well as discovering anything within the coat that should not be there thus causing and pain or discomfort for your dog which you may have possibly overlooked.

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