The Importance of Dog Grooming in Winter

Dog grooming isn’t a necessity for your dog just in the hot months of the year; it is actually just as important to make sure your dog gets groomed throughout the cold winter months, too. A healthy coat for a dog is like a well built home for us. It keeps us relatively cool in the summer, and warm in winter. Keeping up to date with your dogs grooming in winter will help their body temperature stay regulated. 

So, what is the importance of dog grooming in winter? Dog grooming during the winter months is important for your dogs health and safety, because a healthy coat acts like a temperature regulator. This means throughout the cold months, you need to keep up with basic grooming tasks, such as bathing, brushing and getting rid of any matting and tangles.

Read on to find out the different reasons why grooming your dog in winter is important for their overall wellbeing.

Why is Dog Grooming so Important in Winter?

Getting your dog groomed in winter is essential for helping your dog regulate their body temperature when out on those brisk walks. Cold weather can cause problems for dogs, just as it can for humans. 

We always advise regular grooming in summer to allow your dogs coat to shed, helping keep them cool on hot days. The reason we advise regular grooming in winter is for the same reason, but it brings different health benefits which you can learn from below. So all year round, you are keeping your dog’s health in mind.

Benefits to Winter Dog Grooming

As the days get shorter and temperatures get cooler, regular grooming allows your dog’s lighter summer undercoat to shed, which makes room for their thick winter undercoat. Your dog’s winter coat traps the air warmed by the dog’s body and keeps it next to the skin, whilst the muscles in your dog’s skin can fluff up their coat, creating even more insulation. Regular grooming for your dog’s winter coat allows for hair growth and reduces any matting or knots, which, in these weather conditions, are not going to keep your dog insulated.

Our Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Often people ask if they should leave their dog’s coat long for the colder weather. The simple answer is no. Despite what most people believe, leaving your dog’s coat long in the winter can be detrimental for your dog. Detailed dog grooming techniques differ for every coat type, as we come across a lot of double coats, wool coats, long coats, wiry coats, smooth coats and combination coats here at the Pet Retreat.

But we still have basic grooming essentials for every dog, with any coat type. Here are our winter grooming tips:

Brushing the Coat

It’s likely that it’s going to rain pretty regularly during the winter. This is going to create a lot of muddy walks for your dog and although this can make for a more exciting walk for them, it’s likely going to leave their coat rather messy, damp and mucky. It’s vital to brush your dog’s coat regularly during winter, removing any tangles before they become much worse. A healthy, detangled coat is going to help towards maintaining a regulated body temperature.

Pads Are Important

Dog’s pads are likely to require quite a bit of attention during winter, especially if they are a long-haired breed. Because the fur here is closest to the floor, it easily becomes matted and dirty. Therefore, it’s important to trim the fur between their pads if it gets too long. It’s also important to remember to check for snow or ice becoming trapped in the pads as this can be very painful and make your dog extremely cold if not removed. If their pads are cold for long periods, this can create cracking because they can become dry, just like our skin if it becomes cold.

Regular Bathing

You may find bathing your dog happens more often in winter. Cold air, bitter wind and dry indoor conditions, as well as excess mud and dirt can all be factors for this. Their coats can become dirty and the skin can become dry. Bathing your dog with a dog friendly shampoo and conditioner can help with their dry skin in winter. But, be sure to not use human shampoo, as this can lead to negative effects for your dog.

You can learn more about why you shouldn’t use human shampoo on your dog in our recent blog, Can Human Shampoo Hurt Dogs?

Should my Dog’s Coat be Cut in Winter?

Your dog doesn’t need to rely on a thick coat to keep them warm in winter, as they have the benefit of spending the majority of their day indoors, in a warm home. Plus, it’s important to remember that your dog will actually benefit from a regular trim at the groomers, to help keep their coat maintained in winter, for the reasons listed above. If you are concerned about your dog on particularly cold walks, invest in an insulated dog coat to keep them warm.

Dog Grooming at The Pet Retreat

If you would like to speak to a member of our grooming team about winter grooming, or if you would like more information on our grooming sessions, contact a member of our friendly team.

Our team at The Pet Retreat makes sure your dog is comfortable before we start our grooming sessions. The dog shampoo we use is chosen with your dog’s coat in mind to ensure they leave happy and healthy with an extra shiny coat. We can even provide after care advice so you can continue taking care of your dog’s fur and skin at home during these cold months.