Pet Of The Month

Here at The Pet Retreat, we’re so lucky that we work with some of the best looking and best mannered pets in the whole of Cheshire. We enjoy working with all breeds, helping them look and feel great!

With this in mind, we thought what better way to celebrate this than to run a competition to identify The Pet Retreat’s ‘Pet of The Month’ and to show the world some of the amazing pets that pass through our doors.

The winner that is crowned Pet of The Month will receive a voucher for a free bath, but they’ll also feature on our website where you’ll have the chance to tell the world a little more about your pet.

Don’t forget to Enter

Head to Facebook to enter your pet following its groom in February. There’s prizes to be won!

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How to Enter

All you have to do to enter is give your groomer permission to take your pet’s photo or if they didn’t have the opportunity during the groom, you can share a photo with us via Facebook Messenger or by emailing

Make sure you like us on facebook here!

The photo will then be shared on our Facebook page and the post with the most Likes will be the winner! Of course, you can increase your pet’s chances of winning by sharing and telling your friends and family to like the post to gain as much support as you can from those who know and love your pet the most.

If you are entering for yourself, you need to include the following information accompanying your pet’s picture: –

  • Pet’s name and breed
  • Your name if sending via email
  • Date of groom and salon where the groom took place


This competition is a way of sharing pictures of some of the amazing pet’s we groom and to showcase the work that we do. These are just a few things we want you to remember before entering.

  • The prize for the winner will be a voucher for a free bath so your pet can receive some pampering free of charge at The Pet Retreat. Your pet will also feature on our website and social channels and we’ll ask a little information about your pet to accompany the post.
  • It’s just for fun. Although there’s a prize, we encourage people not to take this competition too seriously.
    We won’t be judging the competition. We love all of the pet’s too much, which is why we’ve left it up to facebook users to choose!
  • We’ll only accept pictures taken after your groom at The Pet Retreat and you can only enter if your pet has been groomed at The Pet Retreat this month.
  • Only photos posted by The Pet Retreat facebook page will be counted. Don’t duplicate the picture elsewhere to gain more votes, simply share the picture that is posted on our page.
  • Entries close on the last day of the month and facebook likes will be counted on the 10th day of the following month. This gives everyone over a week to gain support.
  • If you enter by email or Facebook Messenger, your photos may not be uploaded straight away. Please be patient and we’ll do everything we can to ensure everyone is entered in time.
  • The Pet Retreat reserves the right to have the final say on all results. If we believe anyone is engaging in behaviour that contravenes the lighthearted spirit of the competition we will act accordingly.

We hope that this competition becomes a permanent fixture in future and we’ll always be looking for ways to improve it going forward so let us know if you have any suggestions.