Our Pricing Is Changing

We guarantee that you won’t pay more for your groom this year

Since we’ve reopened we have been working on simplifying, improving and innovating our services, which included a rethink on our current pricing structure. We wanted to make each price fairer and more customised to your dog’s breed and individual requirements. Here’s everything you need to know.


Our original pricing structure was devised in 2014. Six years on, we want to simplify and expand our services. We also want to make our pricing more transparent for our customers and also for our team members.

Why are we making these changes?

Since we started the business six years ago, we’ve always wanted to tailor our service to each pet. Our new pricing structure allows us to do this by applying a specific price based on breed, size and service.

From a business point of view, it also enables us to adapt much quicker to trends and seasonality, ensuring we can provide a top class service for everyone.

How is it changing?

Pricing will be priced according to breed. There will be the choice of:

  • Bath only
  • Bath, brush, face and hygiene area
  • Full groom (still called Knutsford Cut)
  • Premium Groom (still called Makeover)
  • Handstrip (where relevant)

You may pay less but we guarantee you won’t pay more in 2020.

When is it changing?

New changes take effect on Tuesday 10th November.

How will I know my pricing?

You can find out the new price of your groom next time you visit the salon or should you wish to know sooner, simply contact the salon through our usual channels. Please be aware that the salons may be busy and we may not always be able to answer the phone, in these instances send an email to the relevant salon.