Christmas dog costume ideas

We look at the best costumes around for your pets

Christmas day is fast approaching and you’ll probably be making your final preparations for the festive period, but have you thought about what your dog will wear on the big day? Dressing up your dog to suit the occasion is a growing craze amongst dog owners, no matter what their pooches breed. This month your favourite dog groomers in Cheshire scoured the internet to find the best Christmas costumes for your pet.


One of the most adventurous costumes on the market this year is the doggy snowman. Complete with stick arms, carrot nose and a moustache, this costume will leave the whole family smiling over Christmas dinner. However, you might want to be careful if it starts snowing outside – your dog might get lost.

Santa and Mrs Santa

Santa costumes are a festive favourite across the world and luckily there’s hundreds of dog varieties on the market now too, suitable for all shapes and sizes. Our favourite is this one, complete with boots and belt. Luckily you can also find a range of female dog dresses to make your girl look the part too.

Christmas helper

Homer Simpson’s dog was called Santa’s Little Helper, but he never dressed the part! There’s a range of costumes on the market now that will ensure your dog looks like the Christmas elf that he or she is. Complete with a little hat and stripy stockings this costume will be sure to get them the attention they deserve. Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security though, they might still try and steal the Christmas turkey.

A good old Christmas jumper

For many people Christmas day is about good food, presents and a tipple of your favourite drink; for others it’s about wearing the worst festive jumper imaginable. Well maybe your dog is one of those types too. Luckily there’s no end to the selection of Christmas jumpers available for your dog; from traditional snowflake designs, to jumpers featuring witty captions, you’ll be able to find one to suit your pooch’s personality.

Rudolf the red nosed dog

OK, we know that’s not how the song goes, but who say’s your dog can’t be a reindeer just for one day? Reindeer antlers can be a great alternative for dogs that don’t enjoy getting all dressed up and yet they can still have the same impact. You can also get a range of Christmas hats to suit your dog.

Advice from your dog groomers in Cheshire

Dressing you dog up in novelty clothing is good fun for all involved and your dog will no doubt love the attention they receive. However, here are a few things that you should bear in mind when dressing your dog up for any occasion: –

  • Make sure the clothes that you buy for your dogs aren’t restrictive or make it difficult for them to move or breath.
  • If your dog’s clothes get really wet, make sure you remove them before your dog gets cold.
  • If your dog gets stressed or uncomfortable when you try to put their clothes on, be patient. Let them calm down before trying again.
  • If they’re still stressed then maybe it’s not for them; you could always try a Santa hat or reindeer antlers as a humorous alternative.