Dog grooming with a difference: meet Ira the dragon-dog

Here at The Pet Retreat we’re always on the lookout for sizzling dog grooming trends, but one such design in the USA has registered off the scales. Have you ever heard of a dog moonlighting as a dragon? Well Ira the poodle, from Ithaca in New York, does just that.

Her owner, Nicole Beckman, is a dog groomer who had the vision to create a style completely unique and creative on her dog. The design uses purple dye for the wings, red dye for the spine and a mixture of green and yellow for the scales.

According to Nicole, the dog enjoys the attention he receives from passers-by. “He is very, very happy,” she told her local newspaper. “Any sort of attention, for him, is good attention.” The dog groomer was also keen to point out that all of the products used are safe and completely non-toxic to dogs.

Dragon dog grooming in Cheshire?

This level of thought and creative thinking doesn’t come without a cost though. Nicole says that each grooming session takes between two to three hours, whilst the time to dye Ira’s fur is between four and six hours. Emma Brown, from The Pet Retreat’s dog grooming salon in Altrincham, commended Nicole’s effort, but she wasn’t sure the trend would catch on here in Cheshire.

“Ira looks fantastic and I’m sure he gets all the attention he deserves,” said Emma. “His dog groomer should be proud, it’s quite a commitment! I’m not quite sure we’ll see many poodles walking around Cheshire with this kind of design unfortunately though, many of our dog owners prefer more elegant and traditional designs for their dogs.”

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You can follow Ira’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.  All photos courtesy of Nicole Beckman.