Lancashire woman hosts £6000 hen do for pet Chihuahua

Here at The Pet Retreat we love the idea of treating your pets in whatever way you can, which is why we offer a range of bespoke dog grooming treatments here in Cheshire. However, even we were taken aback when we read a recent news story about a Burnley woman who treated her pet dog to a £6000 hen do.

The pet party was arranged after a Chihuahua named Chi Chi, fell in love with a Pomaranian named Harvey. Chi Chi’s owner Helen began planning the event as a joke. However, before she knew it she’d splashed out on a limo, a photographer and a butler-in-the-buff to entertain her dog and her friend’s dogs.

Puppy pampering

She also decorated her local dog grooming salon with L-plates and pink balloons and had two special doggy cakes made. The doggy delicacies don’t end there. The animals were treated to smoked salmon canapés and served chicken stock cocktails by waitresses dressed as flamingos.

Other party games on the agenda included a Chinese crested powder puff posing as a stripper before the dogs enjoyed a range of grooming treatments. Helen won’t stop there though, next on her agenda is a doggy wedding for Harvey and Chi Chi which she’s estimating will cost a massive £20,000.

What does The Pet Retreat think?

Maria Tawse from The Pet Retreat in Knutsford thinks this shows the great lengths people will go to show their dogs some love and attention.

“This whole idea is barmy, but we love it,” she said. “Although the idea of a doggy hen do is a tiny bit contrived it just shows how much effort people will put in to make their animals happy. I’m sure the dogs all enjoyed the day immensely, I mean what animal wouldn’t want to eat smoked salmon canapés!”

The Pet Retreat has never hosted any doggy hen dos itself previously, but they are specialists in puppy pampering. With a range of grooming packages and specialist treatments they’re sure to leave your dog looking and smelling fresh as ever. Find out more about our dog grooming in Cheshire and book an appointment at either our Knutsford or Bowdon salons.

Dog mad owner Helen hosted the event after her Chihuahua fell in love with Harvey, the Pomaranian