Spring Dog Grooming Advice

With the first official day of spring now upon us we’re all getting excited for the warmer weather that’s hopefully around the corner. As we look to shed our winter coats and jumpers in favour of something a little bit lighter, you should probably start thinking about booking your dog in for a spring grooming session too.

Why you might need to visit your local dog groomers this spring

Keeping your dog’s coat in tip top shape should be a priority all the year round, but when the weather warms up there’s a few added considerations that you may need to think about. Luckily your local dog groomers in Cheshire have got you covered.

With spring and summer come all manner of foreign objects. Pollen that’s collected on your dog’s fur can cause them hay fever, whilst seasonal buds, seeds or leaves can cause them discomfort if stuck deep within their fur. All of these are things that regular trips to your dog groomers in Cheshire can help solve. By ensuring that their fur is in better shape and of a manageable length you’ll be able to manage this problem yourself.

Malting can be a bugbear for any dog owner and spring is generally the worst time of year for this pet hate. Luckily there’s a number of things that dog owners can do to ease their house cleaning. Here at The Pet Retreat we offer a range of de-shedding treatments whilst letting your dog have an expert trim is another great way to solve the problem.

Long matted fur is the last thing your dog needs in warmer weather and dealing with it in the spring is usually most effective. For many breeds this might mean giving your dog a full trim, whilst others might be in need of a healthier coat in general. Each dog breed has their own defence against warm weather and sunburn, so we’ll advise owners on the best course of action for each dog.

Warm weather can bring out a range of pests that can be both irritating and dangerous for your dog – or even cat for that matter. Fleas, ticks and mites are more prevalent during the summer months, but luckily your dog groomers will be able to help you out. Keeping fur a manageable length, regular shampooing and regular brushing are all effective way to identify pests in your dog’s fur so they can be treated.

Book your spring appointment at The Pet Retreat

Whether you want your dog to have a full clip or simply make their coat more manageable, The Pet Retreat can help. We’ll be able to advise you on the best treatments to look after your dog’s fur in the warmer weather. Both dogs and owners alike enjoy their visit to The Pet Retreat and you’ll leave with a dog that both looks and smells fresh. Contact us today on 01565 337 111 to book your appointment or browse the site to see the services we offer.