Puppy grooming tips from your dog groomers

When it comes to owning a young puppy every experience can leave a lasting impact on them. For this reason it’s worth being cautious when you introduce them to grooming for the first time. Luckily The Pet Retreat know how to take care of young dogs, but you might want to get them used to the experience before their first visit.

How to groom your puppy

Follow this advice from our Bowdon salon head stylist Emma Brown to make sure you know how to take care of your puppy’s coat. Emma is a qualified pet groomer studying towards her City & Guilds Level 3 diploma. She can regularly be seen at competitions across the region.

Ask for advice

Our team at The Pet Retreat will always be on hand to give you some basic tips for keeping your puppy’s coat healthy in infancy to set you on the right tracks. Your vet will also be able to give you some specific advice for your puppy’s skin and coat.

Trimming nails

You won’t want to jump straight in there and start trimming your puppy’s nails. First you’ll want to desensitise them to having their paws fondled with. You can touch their feet during cuddles or whilst they’re drifting off to sleep. If you do need to trim their nails before your first visit to the dog groomers in Altrincham, do it gradually and make sure you use nail clippers designed for dogs.

Check their ears

You shouldn’t need to clean a puppy’s ears too regularly, but when they’re young you should check them for debris, dirt or any redness. If you notice them itching or shaking their head regular this could be a sign of irritation, ear mites or even infection.

Taking the plunge

When it comes to washing your puppy’s hair for the first time you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable. You can buy non-slip mats to put at the bottom of the bath to keep them sturdy. Wriggling around on a slippery surface is potentially traumatic.

And a final word…

You may want to introduce your puppy to a brush and bath before their first visit to the dog groomers in Altrincham or Knutsford. You can make the experience enjoyable for them, so that they can get the most from their visit to The Pet Retreat.

Dog grooming in Altrincham

Dog grooming in Altrincham has received a boost this month following the opening of the new Pet Retreat salon in Bowdon. Our team have applied their grooming expertise to animals across the town, leaving many local animals looking and smelling fresh.

The Pet Retreat offer the Peover Puppy Pamper (Knutsford) and the Timperley Tiddler (Bowdon) to young dogs across the region. Our special puppy grooming package is perfect for dogs under 6 months old. You can find out more about both our dog grooming in Altrincham and our dog grooming in Knutsford across the site. Book your appointment today!