Long haired cat grooming advice

As we enter malting season we look at why you should groom your cat

Home grooming is a vital part of owning a long haired cat, but it’s often a task that can be neglected or forgotten about depending on your cat’s behaviour. Adopting a thorough home brushing routine is good for their health and as we enter the spring and their hair begins to malt it becomes even more important. In this blog, your expert cat groomers in Cheshire discuss why this is important and how to do it properly.

Why should I home brush my cat?  

Long haired cats are extremely susceptible to matted fur and the best way to avoid this is by taking time to brush and comb them on a daily basis. At the very least matted fur can cause your cat’s irritation, but it can often lead to a range of skin conditions that require veterinary treatment if you don’t keep on top of it.

Brushing your cat regularly reduces the amount of fur balls that they get, which is particularly important in the spring when they are malting. Long hair cats already tend to get more fur balls than short haired cats so any measure to reduce them will be appreciated by your pet. Brushing removes loose hairs from their coat so your cat doesn’t ingest them whilst cleaning themselves.

Ensuring all of your cat’s undercoat has been brushed through will ensure that their skin can breathe, and in warmer weather it will allow them to keep cool.  In some cases, matting can become too severe and the only option would be to clip their fur short using clippers to get beneath the matting.

Tips for brushing your cat’s fur

When it comes to grooming your cat it’s important to have the right tools for the job so finding a suitable brush is often a good place to start. You’ll want soft pin brush and a comb to remove mats and build up of undercoat. Below are a few useful tips that every cat owner – particularly if they have long hair – should know about.

  • Get them started on a brushing and bathing routine at a young age to ensure they become more relaxed with the process.
  • Always brush them when they are relaxed rather than trying to pin them down to brush them.
  • Ensure you brush all parts of their body including under their arms and their belly where matting can get particularly bad.
  • If you find any mats hold the clump of fur by their skin and gently separate the fur with a comb, but be gentle as this can cause discomfort for your cat.
  • During malting season it is a good idea to lay a blanket where they rest to catch the hairs and to not spoil furniture.

If your cat is extremely matted then it might be best to seek the help of our expert pet groomers in Cheshire. Our team are well versed in the best methods to remove mats and will try to do so in a way that is comfortable for your animal. Unfortunately mats are not always repairable and it may be necessary for your pet’s hair to be cut in order to preserve the health of their skin.

You can book your appointment with our expert grooming team by contacting one of our salons on 0161 883 1188 for Bowdon or 01565 337 111 for Knutsford.