The road to Crufts: how do owners prepare their pets?

Your dog groomers in Cheshire give their insight

When it comes to preparing a dog for Crufts, there is far more involved than simply taking your showpiece to the dog grooming salon the week before the big day. Getting a dog ready can take months of preparation, from getting them used to the show ring to making sure their coat is just the right length. Our team explain just a few of the things that many of the dogs and owners will have gone through on the road to the Best in Show crown.

The months and weeks before

Much of the preparation in the run up to the big event will be to ensure that the dog is the optimal breed weight and form. The dog’s diet will be adjusted to ensure they are getting the right amount of calories and their owners might have to walk a little bit further to ensure its muscles are clearly defined. The dog will hopefully already be obedient, but extra effort to ensure it remains obedient in a high pressure environment may also be necessary.

The night before the big event

This is where it pays to have your dog booked into an award winning dog grooming salon that are experts in breed standard trims. The night before is where the biggest preparations will be made to ensure your dog is looking tip top. Tasks include: –

  • Brushing the dog’s coat to remove any knots that may have crept into their fur
  • You may clip certain areas of the dog’s fur before they go in the bath
  • You’ll usually clean their ears before a bath too to remove any excess residue
  • You’ll then bathe your dog in the shampoo that’s tried and tested for their hair (show owners will experiment on this in the down season!)
  • Once the dog is out of the bath it will then be blow dried in a meticulous fashion
  • You’ll then brush the dog’s hair out (again!)
  • The owner will then tidy up with any post bath clipping that needs doing
  • The dog’s toes will be clipped
  • You’ll then do absolutely everything in your power to keep them clean! This normally requires crating the dog at bedtime and only walking it on a lead.

The morning of the big show

A dog owner at Crufts will have a hectic morning on the day of the show. The level of attention the dog will need will usually depend on breed; some dogs may require a leave-in coat conditioner running through their coat. The most important thing at this stage though is ensuring the dog remains clean and that you bring everything that you need. This is where experience comes in handy, some of the things that dog owners will have in their kit bag include: –

  • Combs and brushes to brush your dog constantly whilst you wait your turn
  • Blankets for your dog to stay warm
  • Coverings for the dog to prevent its coat from damaging in transit
  • Portable grooming table
  • Dry shampoo
  • Food bowls
  • Cut up meats, liver, etc for bait
  • Dog food

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