Cat grooming Manchester – tips from the experts

Follow these tips in between visits to The Pet Retreat

It’s well known that cats are excellent self-groomers. Their tongues are well equipped to root out dead hairs and they’re constantly cleaning themselves. Despite this it’s always useful to complete your own cat grooming routine to ensure your animals coat and skin remains healthy. Here are a few tips from your expert cat groomers in Manchester to ensure you’re doing it right.

Start cat grooming from a young age

It might be too late for you if you’ve had your cat a while or if you’ve adopted your cat from a rescue centre, but it’s always best to start your cat’s grooming treatment at an early age. By desensitising them to being brushed as a kitten they’ll be less resistant to cat grooming practices as they grow older.

Brushing your cat from a young age can get them used to the experience

Brush your cats regularly

It’s especially important for cats with long hair, but your feline friend should be brushed at least every day. Pay close attention to their under belly and around the legs of your cat, this fur can get especially matted. Brushing your cat regularly will also enable you to spend valuable time with your cat and check for any lumps and bumps on the surface of their skin. If your cat is averse to brushing then try and catch them when they’re relaxed and sleepy.

Clip their nails

It might not need doing as regular as rabbits and dogs, but cats nails will probably need trimming at some stage. To ensure your cat is relaxed when they have their nails checked and trimmed do it when they are either in their basket or sitting happily on your lap. If it stresses them out you can always just clip a nail at a time.

Check their ears

When you’re grooming your cat it’s always worth checking their ears for any signs of inflammation or build-up of fluid. You can clean their ears with cotton wool and warm water, but any signs of inflammation should be seen to by a vet who will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Expert cat grooming

If you’re having trouble with cat grooming in Manchester then it might be time to enlist the help of the professionals. Here at The Pet Retreat we can deal with even the most troublesome of fur to ensure that your cat’s wellbeing is not harmed. Whether you’re animal needs a trim, a thorough brush or in the worst case scenarios a full clip we’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action. To find out more about the cost of our cat grooming packages contact us today.