Autumn and winter dog grooming tips

The colder seasons are upon us and with it brings darker nights, rain and possibly even snow. As we enter October, it’s important that your dog is prepared for the cold snap.

Don’t stop dog grooming

It’s essential that you don’t stop grooming your dog when it gets colder. You may think that having longer fur keeps your pup warmer, but if a dog is allowed to become matted this can cause multiple problems.slide1

Matts are often painful and the skin beneath can become inflamed and infected. When the weather warms up after Winter, your dog could become that matted that the only choice your groomer will have is to completely shave him. Regular grooming will maintain your pet’s fur and ensure that they are producing enough oils to keep their fur healthy.

In between grooms it is important that you are regularly brushing your pet’s fur. This can prevent too much shedding or matting and will help their fur get ready for winter. Brushing your pet distributes their natural oils which will also help prevent any dryness that comes with the harsh winter winds. Keeping your pets fur in a breathable condition will also naturally insulate them.

The Pet Retreat’s Professional Stylists in Knutsford know all about dog grooming for colder weather and can make sure that your pet will be happy and warm when the weather is far from it.

Only use coats when needed

As the weather gets colder, you may think that you need to have your dog in a coat at all times, especially if they have shorter fur. This isn’t the case and you should only really have your dog in a coat when they are going outside. Wearing clothes all the time can cause knotting as they constantly rub against the fur and cause friction and matting. If you do choose to keep your pet in clothing for long periods of time then brushing them regularly is a necessity.

Dog paw maintenance

Cold weather can have a significant impact on a dog’s paws. Regular nail trimming at The Pet Retreat will mean that they don’t snap when they get colder. We also offer a range of paw treatments, such as the Pet Retreat Pawdicure, to make sure that their sensitive pads are in the best condition. Ice, snow and salt can damage your pet’s pads and so remember to dry their feet after every walk. You can also purchase booties to protect your dog’s feet, but not every dog will be happy about that.


It is important to not forget about flea treatment in the colder months. Your pets are less likely to catch fleas while playing outside, but they will still live in your warm cosy house and so treating your pet and your house regularly will help prevent your pet from catching them.

Here at The Pet Retreat we offer premium quality dog grooming in Cheshire and have a range of treatments to suit your dog’s winter needs. To book an appointment or take advantage of our free consultation service contact us on 01565 337 111.