James Cordon puts dog grooming in the limelight

Fans of US television might have seen dog grooming take a step into the limelight recently when James Cordon tried his hand at the trade with some comedic results. During the snippet on his show, The Late Late Show, he can be seen mopping up after the dogs, trying to sell a dog collar to an unsuspecting customer and giving a chow chow a wash and dry.

The team at The Pet Retreat believe James did a good job and our head stylist Maria Tawse would only be too happy to invite him to work alongside our dog groomers in Cheshire. She said: “To say he confessed to not been a dog fan, I think he did rather well in the clip. We’d certainly be happy to invite him here for a shift, if not for grooming purposes then I think he’d be good for entertainment value, although we’d try and keep him on a short lead!”

Beverley Hills treatment from The Pet Retreat

Although the clip was taken from the US, the team at The Pet Retreat think it offers people an insight into what life can be like working in a pet grooming parlour, albeit without the chaos. Much of the equipment on display is similar to that on offer at The Pet Retreat, including the wash basin, the hair drier and the grooming table.

The featured grooming salon is called Chateau Marmutt, a play on words for the world famous hotel Chateau Marmount, and it’s located in the star studded heart of Beverley Hills, offering celebrity treatment to LA pups. Local Cheshire dog owners will probably be unlikely to take their pooch to Chateau Marmutt, but luckily the celebrity treatment is still available at their dog groomers in Cheshire.

“Here at The Pet Retreat we offer top class care and pamper your puppy from the start until the end of their visit,” said Maria. “Our Knutsford Cut will make your dog look set for the red carpet whilst our spa treatments will leave your pooch feeling truly chilled and refreshed!”

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