Beginners guide to Cat grooming

Getting your cat off on the right grooming tracks

Cats are naturally clean animals and are often very good at grooming themselves, but sometimes they need a helping hand, which is why we offer a range of cat grooming treatments here at The Pet Retreat. Cat grooming can be something that strikes fear in the hearts’ of many cat owners, which is why it’s advisable to check in with our head stylist Maria Tawse for a full groom. However, there are a few measures that you can take at home to look after your feline friends’ coat.

Starting out

It’s best to start off when both you and your cat are in a relaxed state, perhaps when they come to you for attention or just after they’ve eaten. Like most new things, you’ll want to begin slowly and introduce them to the idea of grooming by doing it at short intervals. Perhaps start off at five minutes of grooming and slowly increase over time. If your cat shows any sign of distress, stop immediately. Preparing your cat and getting them used to grooming will make it a less stressful experience for them when they are brought in to be groomed here at The Pet Retreat.

Hair types

As with humans, each cat’s hair is different and as you can imagine different types of hair require different treatment. Short-haired cats should be groomed using a metal comb or a rubber brush to remove excess fur. Long haired cats often need to be groomed more often, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors as they can get leaves and twigs stuck to their fur and sometimes in places that they can’t reach themselves.

Regular grooming is vital for long haired cats as they can develop knots which can become painful the longer they are left. Long-haired cats should be brushed using a slicker brush and a fine-toothed comb to get through the cats undercoat. It may also be required to purchase a matt splitter or a rake comb if your cat does develop knots, as these will get through them with as little distress as possible to the cat. Be careful not to tug on knots as this can cause damage to a cat’s sensitive skin.

If a cat has a lot of knots, or knots in sensitive areas such as under their armpits, it’s advisable to take your cat to a cat groomers. Here at The Pet Retreat we offer a free consultation, which is the ideal time to receive advice on your cat’s grooming options if their fur has become knotted.

Benefits of cat grooming

Grooming can also be a good time to look through your cat’s fur for the sign of fleas or ticks. If you find any fleas, then treatment of your cat and its environment with appropriate flea treatment products is essential and will help get rid of fleas and eggs. The Vets at our adjoining Vets in Knutsford, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery, are always on hand to offer some advice too if required. As your cat becomes accustomed to grooming, it can also be a good time to use a flea treatment on them as they will be relaxed and less likely to react. It can also be vital for checking for wounds or cuts on your cat’s skin.

Cats moult all year round and grooming will help rid them of excess hair which they are more likely to swallow whilst grooming themselves, causing fur balls to form in your cat’s tummy which can lead to the cat having to uncomfortably digest them or throw them back up.

Many people can safely assume that their cat wouldn’t like to be bathed and most of the time they do it themselves. However, if you notice that your cat has become rather dirty, it can be useful to wash them down yourselves. Use a damp towel or cloth to wipe them down while they are relaxed – don’t just dive in there though, try to introduce the cloth slowly when they are open to attention. After time you may also start using a dry shampoo designed for cats or a fragrance spray, making sure that these are safe for cats and that your cat doesn’t suffer with sensitive skin.

Grooming should be part of your cat’s weekly schedule and has many benefits. Here at The Pet Retreat we cater for cat grooming in Knutsford, Cheshire and Manchester and also for a range of small animal grooming.  Phone 01565 337 111 today to discuss your furry friend’s grooming needs and take advantage of our free consultation service.