Cleaning tips from your dog groomers

Once your dog has been groomed at The Pet Retreat they will come home smelling fresh and clean which usually makes a good time to give your home the same treatment. Dogs can often leave behind a “doggy” smell which can be stubborn to remove in your household. Although we can’t offer you the full Kim and Aggie treatment, there are a few things you can do to reduce that doggy odour in the long term.

Make sure your dog’s things are kept clean

Once you’ve cleaned the furniture and freshened up the carpets with your deep clean fabric cleaner you’ll want to move on to cleaning your dog’s items. Dog bowls should be cleaned every day if possible, especially if they are eating wet food. Bacteria can grow on bowls very easily and keeping them clean with soap and water will ensure your dog’s health and also keep odours down.

Other dog items, including their toys should also be cleaned often, especially if they have been outside in the mud. Teddies and soft toys can be cleaned with dog bedding and harder toys can be cleaned similar to their bowls. Make sure all soap has been cleaned off soft toys so your dog doesn’t ingest any.

Keep your dog’s ears clean

You can keep on top of dog odours in between visits to the dog groomers. Keeping a dog’s ears clean will make sure that they aren’t getting waxy and also keep them odour free. Wax can easily build up within a dogs ears and as well as being quite smelly, it’s also not comfortable for your dog, potentially causing them to shake their head.

Cleaning your dog’s ears with a gentle solution such as clorexyderm (please contact Knutsford Veterinary Surgery for more information) and cotton wool can break down wax and also keep them fresh and free from infection. If you are worried about this being messy, clean them outside so when they shake their head, it doesn’t go everywhere. When your dog is groomed at The Pet Retreat their ears will be cleaned, but maintaining their ear health is beneficial to your dog’s wellbeing.

Change their diet

If a dog often has an upset tummy or is quite flatulent, it could be down to their diet. Dogs can have quite sensitive stomachs and so making sure they have the best diet will reduce irritation and also make them less smelly. Food designed to be as natural and healthy for your dog will help keep their coat sleek and their stomachs happy.

Dogs can also have a smelly breath and diet can be a contributing factor. You can buy natural treats that can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and also help with breath. Brushing your dog’s teeth is really beneficial to them, but make sure you don’t use human toothpaste as this is harmful to dogs. Ask Knutsford Veterinary Surgery or local pet store which food would be best for your dog to ensure they are smelling the best they can in between their grooms.

Grooming should be a part of your dog’s routine and The Pet Retreat are premium dog groomers in Cheshire and Knutsford who can cater for an assortment of wants and needs. Call 01565 337 111 and take advantage of our free consultation service where you can discuss the range of services we have available for your pooch.