Winter walks advice for your dog

Tips from dog groomers in Cheshire to keep your pooches coat healthy

Some of the most enjoyable times spent with our dogs are on crisp winter mornings in rural surroundings. But even on the fairest of days in the countryside or park it’s inevitable that your dog will find its way into a muddy puddle or shallow pond leaving them caked in sludge up to their knees. Placing blankets in the boot of your car might protect its upholstery, but how will you avoid paw prints trailing across your house? Luckily your favourite dog groomers in Cheshire have some tips.

Keep your old towels and Newspapers

It’s always a good idea to keep a stock of old towels and blankets to give your dog an initial dry down following a muddy walk. Hopefully your dog is well trained and you’ll be able to get them to sit whilst you give it a quick dry. Placing newspapers in the doorway following a muddy walk will also keep your floor safe.

Pet wipes for paws

If you haven’t already tried them, you might be surprised how much dirt that good quality pet wipes can remove. You’ll want to clean your pooch in a little more detail later, but these can be useful to quickly clean their paws, their underbelly and the their tail to get rid of the worst of the dirt. Having a stock in your car or in your home can be useful, particularly if your dog is energetic and liable to dash off through the house at any moment.

Keep a bucket handy

You might not be able to take a trip to the dog groomers in Cheshire directly after a winter walk, so keeping a bucket handy at home will relieve them of the initial grime. Fill the bucket with warm water and have a large sponge at the ready to wring over their fur. Keep changing the water to keep it clean and once the mud has gone give them a quick shampoo. A water sprayer filled with warm water might be a good investment for this – at least until they’re clean enough to dunk in the human shower.

Winter trimmings

Keeping the fur trimmed around your pet’s paws will help reduce the damage by reducing the surface area for mud to collect on. This is something that your dog groomers in Cheshire will be able to take care of. When it comes to cleaning the paws, the less excess fur the easier it will be to get them dirt free.

Complete service from The Pet Retreat

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