Dog grooming is not just about vanity, says The Pet Retreat

fat dog

A recent RSPCA case should act as a warning for many dog owners

The Pet Retreat are always keen to press home the fact that dog grooming is not just about vanity. Earlier this month that message was echoed by the RSPCA after they found Charlie, a 10-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in The Midlands, looking a little worse for wear.

The animal welfare charity were notified of concerns for the animal’s wellbeing after his coat had become long and matted to the point where his owner was too embarrassed to walk him. He was taken to the dog groomers where his hair was cut and his sore and overgrown nails were clipped.

The fact that his owner was too embarrassed to walk him also meant the dog was not getting the right amount of exercise and had become obese under his long coat. Although extreme, Maria Tawse, from your dog groomers in Cheshire, believes many dog owners can take note of Charlie’s case.

What your local groomers think

“It’s very rare to see a case where a dog has become so dishevelled,” said Maria. “Besides from the obvious issue of Charlie’s nails being too long for him to walk and his fur being so matted it would have caused discomfort, there are also other issues raised here.”

“For one, the length of the dog’s hair meant that the owner probably couldn’t see how overweight he actually was. I’m sure the dog owner loves Charlie to bits, but they’ve let what should have been a routine visit to the dog groomers get out of hand and other owners should take note.”

On the mend

The RSPCA have since reported that they are working with Charlie’s owner to bring the dog back to health and he’s already booked in for his next dog grooming appointment.

The Pet Retreat are experts in dog grooming in Cheshire and can offer advice to any dog owners who are concerned that their pet’s fur is getting out of hand. We offer a range of treatments that can ensure any breed has the correct attention to ensure healthy skin free of matting and fleas.

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